Dog Walking By Woman On Bench Suddenly Realizes He Knows Her

"My heart exploded” ❤️

There’s a magical bond of love between Valeria Navarro and her dog, Harley. It may be invisible, transcending both time and space — but to the cherished pup’s big heart and keen nose, it all makes scents.

And there’s a touching video to prove it.

Valeria Navarro

Navarro first met Harley six years ago when he was adopted into her family. For her, it was love at first sight. And the feeling was mutual. From that moment forward, the pair were inseparable.

“He’s the love of my life,” Navarro told The Dodo. “We have such a connection. He’s literally the thing I love most in the world.”

But due to life circumstances, Navarro and Harley were forced to spend time apart.

Valeria Navarro

For the past six months, Navarro had been living abroad in hopes of finding work ahead of a possible move with Harley. Though, in that time, he never left her heart. And she never left his.

When Navarro finally returned home, she decided to surprise Harley at a local park. She sat down on a bench there, her back towards him, to see if her best friend would recognize her by smell.

And what happened next left no doubt:

Valeria Navarro

It took just one whiff.

“He recognized me! I was so happy. My heart exploded,” Navarro said. “He was so excited. It was amazing.”

Here’s that moment again, this time from Navarro’s perspective:

Valeria Navarro

In a world full of smells, one scent reigns supreme in Harley’s heart.

The smell of his best friend.

Valeria Navarro

For the time being, Navarro has decided to put her plans to move abroad with Harley on hold. But to be back in his loving presence, Navarro is reminded that that’s exactly where she’s meant to be.

“We’re like soul mates,” she said. “When we’re together, we both feel better.”