Dog Walking By Man On Bench Suddenly Realizes She Knows Him

"It warmed my heart so” 💞

This is Rave — a sweet poodle who’ll never pass up the chance to say hello to a friend.

Even one she hasn’t seen for months.

Last year, Rave's owner, Kim Carino, decided to get training for her pup. A friend of Carino's late brother, who has dog training experience, offered his help in showing the pup how to be her very best self. But in time, the friend became more than just a teacher to Rave.

“We met with him weekly,” Carino told The Dodo. “Rave adored him.”

The training sessions lasted all summer in a local park, until Rave finally “graduated” — though the man teaching her clearly never left her heart.

A few weeks ago, 10 months after the training ended, Carino and the friend decided to meet up once again in the park as a special surprise for Rave.

To make the reunion all the more memorable, the friend agreed to sit quietly on a bench, seeing if Rave could pick him out. 

But would she really remember him after all that time?

This video of their “chance” encounter lays any doubts to rest:

“I wanted to see if she would know it was him. I suspected she would ‘cause she is a smart poodle,” Carino said. “When I saw the reaction she had to my brother’s friend, I had no doubt how very special she is. It warmed my heart so.”

Rave couldn’t have been happier.

Seeing how much joy Rave felt encountering her old teacher that day, Carino and the man have decided to make a routine out of meeting going forward.

“He’s a forever friend of mine and Rave’s,” she said.

For Carino, Rave deserves nothing less.

“She’s the biggest gift in my life,” Carino said.