Dog Walker Shows Up To His Girlfriend's House With The Sweetest Surprise

"Look outside your window” ❤️

The best part of Millie Morris’ day is when her dog-walker boyfriend, Chris, drops by with his furry clientele.

Sometimes, Morris even captures the sweet scene outside her bedroom window.

Dog walker walks a golden-colored dog.
Millie Morris

“Chris will call me up in the morning a few times a week and say, ‘Look outside your window,’” Morris told The Dodo. “I’ll see him there with dogs.”

Sometimes he’ll give Morris a time frame to look out the window and then walk by with a perfectly planned scene.

“I work from home at the moment, so I’m normally around to see them from my bedroom window,” Morris said. “I also sometimes join him on walks so I can hang with the dogs and get some exercise.”

Dog walker poses with two dogs.
Millie Morris

Chris used to work for a doggy day care before setting up his own dog-walking company, Dudes and Dogs.

“Where many people will get updates from their partner on office drama or other people at work, I get to hear about who pooped on whose head, who was scared of cars and who jumped in the pond,” Morris said.

Dog walker kisses a black dog.
Millie Morris

Morris loves all the dogs, but admits she has a few favorites.

“I enjoy watching a black pug called Moog and a giant, fluffy goldendoodle called Ted,” Morris said. “Summer is also a complete bundle of energy. They’re all such characters.”

Dog walker holds black dog's paws.
Millie Morris

One day, in particular, Chris called to let Morris know he and Summer were stopping by to say hello.

“When Summer saw him looking up at my window, she jumped up at him to get his attention,” Morris said. “That’s how they ended up looking [like they were getting] engaged.”

Dog walker holds a pug in the air and kisses him.
Millie Morris

For many of the dogs, the one-on-one time with Chris is just as special as it is for Morris. “Some of them are Romanian rescues and have to be walked separately on certain routes due to anxiety issues,” Morris said. “Chris says they're all his favorites. He is very loyal to them.”

Though Morris doesn’t have dogs of her own anymore, she’s painted a few portraits of pups who’ve left a lasting impression while walking by her place.