Dog Sleeping Backstage Wakes Up Just In Time To Join Band's Encore

"He looked at us, looked at the audience, and then let her rip.”

Jack loved singing more than anything. The loyal rescue dog had belted out tunes many times throughout his life.

But, one special encore performance stole the spotlight — and the audience’s hearts.

Dog lays next to a guitar.
Brennan Gilmore

After years of singing and howling during his dad’s Bluegrass band rehearsals, Jack saw the opportunity to hop on a stage and took it.

“I couldn’t find anyone to watch him during this little weekend tour, so I just brought him along,” Brennan Gilmore, Jack’s dad, told The Dodo. “His bed was backstage, and I guess someone didn’t shut the green room door after we got called back to play an encore.”

Hound dog rests his face on human's lap.
Brennan Gilmore

Gilmore said his band had just started playing when the hound mix found his shining moment.

“After about a minute, I noticed everybody in the audience pulling out their phones to take pictures,” Gilmore said. “Then we looked over and saw Jack had found his way out to the stage. He looked at us, looked at the audience, and then let her rip.”

Dog and dad pose for a picture together.
Brennan Gilmore

Singing had always been in the 12-year-old’s blood, but it’s the bond with Gilmore that’s lasted long after the devoted pup passed away. And Gilmore will always remember the show in 2016 when Jack took the stage.

“He was very expressive, and would sing softly as well as howl,” Gilmore said. “His spirit is very much alive in the music.”

You can watch Jack sing with the band here:

Gilmore now honors the late Jack — who died from cancer in 2020 — in the most special way.

“He was as good a friend as you could have,” Gilmore said. “I have a guitar with an engraving of him on the headstock, and a few of his ashes inside so he’s always singing when we play.”

Guitar engraved with image of hound dog.
Brennan Gilmore

“We were each other's closest friend and support,” Gilmore added. “Throughout our time together, I came to see Jack's soul as inseparable from mine.”

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