Dog Waits Patiently Every Week For Her Favorite Garbage Man To Visit

“Their relationship has blossomed into the sweetest thing” ❤️

For the past two years, Lily the Labrador has waited in her yard each Friday for her best friend. This friend is a reliable one, who always stops to give her treats and pets and play with her when he passes by — much to Lily’s delight.

He’s the local garbage man, David.

Lily has always spent time in the front yard of her home in Bedford, New Hampshire. She likes to sit and watch people pass by the house, and she’s always ready to defend her family from any evil squirrels who might dare enter the property.

Ishaan Chatterjee

Lily always hoped someone might come by and say hi to her. She wagged her tail at everyone who passed by — every mailman and every canvasser. But no one was giving her the attention she wanted.

Ishaan Chatterjee

A smart dog, Lily began to notice that her family brought trash bins out every Thursday night, and every Friday, a man would come to take them. Lily knew this guy would soon be her buddy.

“Their relationship has blossomed into the sweetest thing,” one of Lily’s owners, Ishaan Chatterjee, told The Dodo. “We actually give [our garbage man] holiday gifts every year to show our appreciation for how he treats Lily.”

Lily’s relationship with David the garbage man is special. According to Chatterjee, while Lily treats everyone with love, even those who aren’t dog people, he can tell that with David there’s a deeper bond.


Though it certainly has a little something to do with the treats in his pockets, Chatterjee believes Lily’s relationship with David is also a reflection of her ability to see the best in people. Lily doesn’t care who you are or what you do — if you show kindness to her, Lily will always show kindness back.

“She shows us how to be more kind to others!” Chatterjee said. “It’s amazing what we can learn from animals.”

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