Dog Waits Hours In The Mud For Someone To Find The Tiny Surprise At Her Feet

They were completely covered.

Earlier this year, a resident in Dallas, Texas, made a heart-stopping discovery while outdoors.

They’d stumbled across a large white dog nestled in a mud pit — and when they looked down at her feet, they realized she wasn’t alone.

Saving Hope Rescue

Around the dog’s paws lay an entire litter of puppies she’d just given birth to.

Cold, wet and caked in mud, the tiny family couldn’t make it much longer on their own.

Saving Hope Rescue

Without skipping a beat, the Good Samaritan called for help — and that’s when Saving Hope Rescue stepped in.

Saving Hope Rescue

After taking the family in, Saving Hope Rescue found an emergency foster home for the dog, whom they’d named Evelyn, and her babies.

They had no idea how long Evelyn had been on the streets, but they could tell how happy she was to finally be somewhere warm and safe.

Saving Hope Rescue

“Mom is extremely sweet and grateful to be saved,” Saving Hope Rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

Evelyn and her puppies enjoyed a much-needed bath in their new home, and within two days of their rescue, the entire family was unrecognizable.

Finally clean, dry and safe, Evelyn’s ears popped straight up, and she wore a brand-new smile.

The doting mom’s nine puppies couldn’t get enough of her nurturing cuddles.

Saving Hope Rescue

Evelyn nursed her puppies for six more weeks while embarking on her own healing journey. As she gained weight and energy, so did her babies.

Soon, the puppies were big enough to go into foster care without their mom. Evelyn kissed her babies goodbye and sent them off on their next big adventure, all while wondering when hers would begin.

Saving Hope Rescue

Evelyn made the most of her time in foster care. She fell in love with everyone she met and never let go of her mothering instincts.

“She absolutely adores children and keeps a watchful eye on them to make sure they are safe,” Saving Hope Rescue wrote on Facebook. “She is now completely healthy and has a newfound energy!”

Saving Hope Rescue

A few months later, Evelyn’s dream came true when a loving local, Amy Jones, adopted her.

Evelyn, renamed Kaia, instantly connected with the Jones family. The sweet girl wasted no time making herself right at home.

Saving Hope Rescue

Today, Kaia’s doing better than ever.

When she’s not carrying around her favorite humans’ shoes or stuffed animals, she can usually be found curled up on her parents’ laps.

Saving Hope Rescue

Once trapped in a mud pit with her newborn babies, Kaia now has a warm home — and fashionable wardrobe — to call her own.

She’s finally thriving, and her friends at Saving Hope Rescue couldn’t be happier for her.

“This is our hope for every dog we rescue,” Saving Hope Rescue wrote on Facebook, “a loving home that will put you in some pj's.”

To help pups like Kaia get the care they need, you can donate to Saving Hope Rescue here.