Dog Waits By Fence Every Day For Neighbor To Pet Her Through Hole

It's her favorite time of day ❤️️

Ever since she was a puppy, Crimson’s favorite thing in the world has been people. 

“Her personality is outgoing toward every person. She loves people more than she loves other dogs,” Kyndra Pickens, Crimson’s mom, told The Dodo. “Not to say she doesn’t like dogs, she just really loves human friends. She will do anything for some love, attention and food.” 

About a year ago, when the pandemic first started and everyone had to stay home more, Crimson’s family noticed she was spending a lot of time sitting near a hole in their backyard fence. They quickly realized that it wasn’t a coincidence — it was because their neighbor was petting her through the hole. 

The family’s neighbor, Susan, lives alone, and so during the pandemic, she decided a great way to get a little comfort would be to hang out with Crimson through the fence — and of course, Crimson was more than happy to participate. 

“I oftentimes find Crimson patiently waiting by the hole, and sometimes I have to tell her Susan isn’t coming,” Pickens said. “As far as how often Susan pets Crimson through the hole — it’s weather dependent because we don’t always let Crimson outside when it’s too cold, but I would say at a minimum a few times a week.”

Crimson is a huge fan of her and Susan’s routine and is definitely bummed whenever it doesn’t happen. Her family thinks it’s so sweet and is happy that Crimson is getting some extra attention — and that Susan can benefit from it, too. 

dog and woman
Kyndra Pickens

“We had met Susan before she started doing this, but loved her more when we realized what she was doing,” Pickens said. “We talk with Susan when we are outside and we know she lives alone, so it makes us feel good she has a little bright spot in her day with Crimson. For Christmas, we brought her some baked goods and got a picture of the two of them together.”

Crimson loves any chance to spend time with more people, and her family is so happy that she was able to make a new friend in a very unlikely way.