Dog Waiting Weeks Outside Hospital Is So Happy To Be In Her Dad's Arms Again

She'd been looking forward to this moment for so long.

Last month, staff at the Santo Antônio de Jesus Regional Hospital in Brazil began noticing what appeared to be a stray dog lingering quietly out front. The pup seemed to be in good health, yet she was always alone.

But she was actually there waiting for someone special.

Over the following weeks, employees at the hospital took it upon themselves to provide food and water to the lonely pup, whom they later discovered was named Mel.

Mel, it turns out, belonged to a homeless man who’d been admitted to the hospital for treatment. She’d watched as he was led through the doors, and then faithfully settled in to await his return.

Learning of this, staff at the hospital decided to arrange a heartwarming reunion to end the dog's long vigil.

Mel couldn't have been happier to be back in her best friend's arms. But while his treatment is still ongoing, her wait has thankfully ended — in part, at least.

Now, each day, the pair are given the chance to spend time together.

It's unclear exactly how much longer Mel's owner will need to remain in the hospital before he and his dog can be reunited for good, but staff are hoping to send the pair off with some added help. They've set up a donation page to assist them in getting back on their feet.

But while on some accounts, Mel's owner may be lacking in material wealth, it's clear he's rich in other ways that matter more.