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Dog Accidentally Spills His Food And Tries To Clean Up By Himself

“He’s a people pleaser so I’m sure he was embarrassed that he [spilled] the food" 💙

Ever since he was a puppy, Eddie has been incredibly polite and well-mannered. He’s a very good listener, and always wants to do whatever is going to make the people he loves happy. 

“He is the most perfect puppy … has never chewed up anything that wasn’t his, doesn’t bite, listens to whatever you tell him,” Taylor Fox, Eddie’s mom, told The Dodo. “He is the best boy!” 

dog holds stick
Taylor Fox

Recently, Eddie and his parents were traveling to a specialist to figure out some health problems he’s having, and stayed in a hotel overnight. At dinnertime, Fox laid down a towel and put Eddie’s food bowl on top of it, trying to keep everything neat and tidy. 

While Eddie was eating, he accidentally spilled his food everywhere, and immediately felt terrible that he’d made a mess in a space that wasn’t his. Instead of just eating the food off the floor like most dogs probably would, the sweet pup quickly started trying to clean up the mess. 

When he realized that he couldn’t actually clean the food off the floor, Eddie came up with a different plan — and tried to hide the mess instead. 

“He used the towel that I had laid down and pushed it with his nose enough to where the kibble was ‘hidden,’” Fox said. “He’s a people pleaser so I’m sure he was embarrassed that he [spilled] the food.” 

Of course, no one was upset that Eddie spilled his food. It really didn’t matter — but it did to Eddie. Being polite is important to him. 

dog hugs mom
Taylor Fox

“He left most of the kibble covered by the towel but he did end up eating the pieces of food that weren't covered,” Fox said. 

Eddie is the sweetest dog and always wants to make sure he’s being a good boy, and his family absolutely adores him for it. 

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