Camera Shows Dog Comforting Crying Baby Sister With His Favorite Toy

"He is so gentle and careful — it must be a natural instinct" 💗

In early July, Nick Elliott and his wife brought home their baby girl, Macie, from the hospital. They were excited to introduce the newborn to her big brother — a 2-year-old Doberman pinscher named Tommy.

Tommy has always been loving and loyal to his parents, and they hoped that the very big boy would act the same way towards the family’s newest addition.

Facebook/Nick Elliott

“We have had him around family and friends, toddlers and children in the past, and his whole character changes. He gets down to their level and just lies with them, letting them stroke him,” Elliott told The Dodo. “He is so gentle and careful — it must be a natural instinct.”

Elliott was thrilled when the dog and baby’s first meeting went exactly as they’d hoped.

Doberman comforts baby who's crying
Nick Elliott

“[We] both greeted Tommy and got him settled before bringing Macie in," Elliott said. "We let him smell her worn clothes and told him ‘gentle’ ... we brought Macie in, and he was naturally really inquisitive and gentle.”

“It was like he instantly accepted her, as he always wanted to be close, but never touched her,” he added.

Nick Elliott

What the new parents didn’t anticipate was that Tommy wanted to take care of Macie, too. The dog is sensitive to his new sister’s emotions and tries to cheer her up whenever possible.

“He used to do a little sad whine when she cried for the first few days, but has now become used to all the new sounds and smells, so doesn't bat an eyelid,” Elliott said. “He regularly wanders past and checks on her in her cot and, each time, gives a little tail wag if she’s OK.”

Dog gives crying baby his toy
Nick Elliott

Recently, Macie was crying for her bottle when Tommy decided to take things into his own hands. When Macie’s mom went into the kitchen to make a new bottle, Tommy comforted Macie the best way he knew how — by bringing her his favorite toy teddy.

Both parents were shocked when they looked back at the sweet moment the baby monitor had captured.

Nick Elliott

“We looked back on the camera after Hayley discovered [the teddy] in with her, and that's when we saw what he had done,” Elliott said. “His little tail wagging just made it!”

Nick Elliott

While it’s only been three weeks since Macie has joined the family, Elliott feels confident that his little girl has a furry big brother who will always go above and beyond to make her happy.