Dog Trashes Vet Clinic After Waking Up To Find He’s Been Neutered

“I think he was upset about the whole situation."

Saying goodbye is never easy — but sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do.

Still, that doesn’t mean this dog named LeLo has to be happy about parting ways with some things to which he’d grown quite (literally) attached.

Jéssica Possari

Recently, LeLo was brought to ClíniCão, a veterinary clinic in Brazil. He, presumably, had no idea why he was there or what procedure was to be performed. Though that soon became clear.

LeLo had been brought in to be neutered — a routine surgery that’s beneficial to both individual dogs and to dog populations in general. This, however, apparently all came as an unpleasant surprise to LeLo.

After waking up from anesthesia later on, discovering his missing parts, LeLo escaped from his kennel and trashed the place while no one was looking.

“I think he was upset about the whole situation,” Jéssica Possari, LeLo’s vet, told The Dodo. “[Seeing the mess he made] was startling. It was just amazing that a dog had done all that.”

It was quite a mess. But despite having to clean up the destruction, Possari doesn't hold it against the pup.

Jéssica Possari

Fortunately, LeLo wasn't injured during his little outburst, and he has since come to terms with his newly neutered status.

“He is doing very well, free to run around again,” Possari said, adding that they’ll keep a closer eye on him during his next visit: “His personality is very calm and affectionate in front of us, but he can be pretty mischievous behind our backs.”