Dog Trapped In Well Wraps Himself In Rope To Help With His Own Rescue

He's got this 💪

Earlier this week, firefighters in Brazil were called upon to save a little dog who’d gotten trapped. He'd tumbled down a deep, dry well and couldn't get out on his own.

Fortunately for the rescuers, their job was made much, much easier thanks to the clever pup himself.

He did the toughest part for them.

Corpo de Bombeiros DF

Rather than lower someone down the well to grab the dog, firefighters decided to see what would happen if they lowered just the looped rope down first. Maybe the dog would grab it with his mouth so they could pull him back up?

Well, the pup did one better.

The dog instead wrapped the loop around his body like a harness.

Here’s that moment on video:

And just like that, the little dog was back where he belonged — a rather difficult rescue made simple due to the dog's understanding of how he should get involved.