Stray Dog Tracks Down Workplace Of Guy Who Was Kind To Her

Such a smart pup 😍

Last month, Mohd Ridhuan came across a pack of stray dogs at a beach where he hangs out with his friends in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Ridhuan has always had a soft spot for animals, so when he saw the hungry pups he knew he had to help.

“I tried to approach them, and I took a risk because they might chase me,” Ridhuan told The Dodo. “Surprisingly, they didn’t. Their tails wiggled when they saw me.”

Stray dog follows guy to work

Ridhuan began going to the beach whenever he was free to feed the four dogs, who quickly began to look forward to his visits — especially a brown and white dog named Sally.

Guy feeds stray dogs at work

One day, when Ridhuan wasn’t able to make his daily journey to the beach, Sally tracked him down at the convenience store where he works and refused to leave. She has now adopted the store as her home, so she can spend plenty of time with Ridhuan. 

But when his shift ends, she gives him the saddest puppy dog eyes imaginable:

“She always makes a sad face every time I go home,” Ridhuan said. “She’s clingy, cheerful and protective.”

Ridhuan knows Sally is safer at the store or the restaurant next door than she would be roaming the beach, and she seems to agree with him. “I tell her, ‘If I’m not around, please go [to the restaurant] and don’t play in the road,’” Ridhuan said. “She listens to me or sleeps at the store waiting for me.”


Ridhuan, who can't have dogs at his apartment, is currently looking for a loving home for Sally somewhere nearby and is hoping to help the sweet pup find a better life soon. To get the word out, Ridhuan has been documenting his relationship with Sally on Twitter.

“The first time I posted about animals, especially dogs, I received a lot of compliments and harsh comments,” Ridhuan said. “I don’t care about it — I just look at the good side and continue doing what I’m doing.”

To learn more about Sally, you can follow Mohd Ridhuan on Twitter.