Dog Tied Up With Only A Broken Box For Shelter Is So Happy Someone Stopped To Help

“She wagged her tail with joy” ❤️

For years, Maggie lived by herself in a dusty yard. The only home she knew was a dilapidated wooden box. She was covered in flea bites and couldn’t run or play, as she was tied to a short rope.

Despite it all, Maggie maintained a joyful spirit. In fact, when rescuers found her, they were shocked by how incredibly trusting she was.

“It was apparent that she loved people,” Worthy Dog Rescue wrote in a Facebook post. “She wagged her tail with joy at even the slightest bit of human attention.”

dog tied to broken box
Facebook/Worthy Dog Rescue

The friendly senior was taken to the shelter, where she began decompressing from her stressful living situation and received necessary care for her skin condition.

Maggie was clearly so jovial on the inside. As she regained her strength, she began looking happy on the outside, too.

dog smiles at camera
Facebook/Worthy Dog Rescue

Rescuers feared it might be a while before Maggie found a permanent home, since she was a senior who needed to be the only dog in her family.

They did everything they could to set Maggie up for success. In the weeks that followed, Maggie began to understand what it was like to feel cared for. She worked hard, hopeful that her new skills might inspire someone to take a chance on her.

“She had some incredible foster families along the way who helped her acclimate to home life, worked on her leash skills and getting her more comfortable around other dogs, and taught her how to be part of a family,” Worthy Dog Rescue wrote. “We … knew that as a senior Bully-mix who had lived a hard life, her adoption would take time.”

white dog
Facebook/Worthy Dog Rescue

Eventually, a woman saw Maggie’s bio on the shelter’s website. Though the woman had already applied to foster a different dog, as soon as she saw Maggie, she knew they were meant to be.

“[It] was a life-changing event for Maggie,” the rescue wrote. “[Her new mom] offered an only dog home and had a flexible schedule to give her the time and attention she needed.”

woman cuddles dog in bed
Facebook/Worthy Dog Rescue

The dog who once had no one to play with now enjoys lots of walks and games of fetch. Though she was initially nervous around other dogs, Maggie has since gained confidence and can keep her cool. She loves snuggling on her family’s lap, begging for scratches.

“I didn’t think I could love another dog after putting my Lab down at nearly 13 years old,” Maggie’s new mom told Worthy Dog Rescue. “But we are absolutely in love with this girl and can’t imagine our lives without her.”

dog sits with toy
Facebook/Worthy Dog Rescue

Maggie’s new family has already been such a positive force in her life, and she’s been there for them as well, providing lots of love and support.

“She's had a huge impact on the young son in her new home,” a representative from Worthy Dog Rescue told The Dodo. “It is pretty incredible.”

dog lays on couch
Facebook/Worthy Dog Rescue

Maggie, who once slept on broken, dirty pieces of wood, now spends her days snoozing on a comfy couch, knowing that her new family will always be there to make sure she’s safe and comfortable.

To help other dogs like Maggie, make a donation to Worthy Dog Rescue here