Dog Tells Mom It's Time To Stop Doing Homework

"[She] definitely succeeded in distracting me” 😂

Meet Maggie — a Great Pyrenees who's pretty sure she's a lap dog. The large dog doesn't understand the concept of personal space when it comes to her family, especially her sister Abby Mootz. 

Mootz, who’s a full-time college student, has been taking classes online — something Maggie isn’t a fan of. All of Mootz’s extra screen time is a distraction from what Maggie thinks should be her top priority: Maggie. 

Dog does not like her sister being on the computer

“[She] loves to cuddle and does not appreciate me being on my computer so much since COVID happened,” Mootz told The Dodo. “She gets very needy when I’m on my phone or computer and will even knock my phone out of my hands with her paws.” 

Maggie has a secret weapon to get her sister's attention when all else fails — her adorable derpy tongue. “Ever since she was a puppy, she’s walked around with her tongue hanging out of her mouth,” Mootz said. “It’s very hard to take her seriously when she looks like she’s sticking her tongue out at you.”

Dog interrupts schoolwork

Recently, Mootz was working on a school project when Maggie decided she was long overdue for some extra love and affection.

“I had been petting her and then tried to get back to work,” Mootz said. “When I did that, she decided my keyboard looked like a good place to rest her head and definitely succeeded in distracting me.”

Maggie puts her head on computer

Maggie’s tongue began accidentally typing Mootz’s assignment — luckily, she noticed before Maggie was able to send it in.

This wasn’t the first time Maggie has gotten a little too involved in her sister's schoolwork: “She for sure knows how cute she is and uses it to her advantage,” Mootz said. “One time, I was writing a paper and she slammed her paw on my laptop and exited out of the paper. Thankfully, it was still there, but I thought she had deleted it!”

Mootz always forgives Maggie, no matter what the pup does. As soon as Maggie sticks out her tongue, it’s impossible for Mootz to not give her pets — even if it means putting her assignments on hold.

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