Dog Teaches Scared Little Brother How To Swim In The Ocean

He’s the best big brother ❤️

Swimming in the ocean didn’t come naturally to a little dog named Jeffrey. But with help from his big brother, Kevin, the scared pup overcame his fear like a pro.

Two golden retrievers wear bunny ears
Elysse Gorney

Jeffrey and Kevin invited a couple other dog friends named Max and Finn to join them on a beach adventure day. A timid Jeffrey walked along the shore, watching as his brother and friends had fun splashing in the ocean water. It soon became clear that Jeffrey wanted to join them, but he needed some encouragement.

“Jeffrey was a little hesitant at first to get his paws wet,” the dog' mom, Elysse Gorney, told The Dodo. “But he saw Kevin charge right into the water with so much confidence that I think Jeffrey really noticed this. Next thing I know, Jeffrey is swimming right next to Kevin going after a tennis ball. It was awesome to watch.”

You can watch Kevin teach Jeffrey how to swim here: 

Once Jeffrey gave the ocean a chance, he had a blast — thanks to the help from his big brother, Kevin. “Kevin has the best temperament,” Gorney said. “He is a goofy, fun-loving boy, who just wants to share his love and smile with the world.”

Jeffrey might’ve been scared of the ocean before, but now the two swim together all the time. The brothers recently attended a doggie pool party, where Jeffrey became an official part of the tight-knit dog pack.

“He has been such a great big brother to Jeffrey,” Gorney said. “I think that Jeffrey is learning a lot from Kevin.”

Two golden retrievers looking at the camera
Elysse Gorney

Beach outings may never be the same now that Gorney has two water-loving pups. Little Jeffrey was “the missing puzzle piece,” Gorney said.

“Jeffrey immediately fit right into our routine,” Gorney added. “He’s so funny and confident and loves Kevin. Kevin loves him too. Seeing them play together makes me so happy.”

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