Dog Suspiciously Starts Limping After Dad Breaks His Ankle

Such a loyal pup ❤️️

When Russell Jones broke his ankle in June, he got a lot of sympathy from friends and family. But perhaps the one most empathetic to his situation was his dog, Bill.

The lurcher usually loves to run and play, but as soon as he noticed the cast on his dad’s leg, he started to act differently. Jones’ wife, Michelle, spotted Bill limping around the house whenever he was near his dad, according to an interview with ITV's "This Morning," and she began to worry.

Afraid that something was wrong with Bill’s foot too, the couple took the dog to the vet clinic. The vet attempted to diagnose Bill’s mysterious condition but found nothing wrong with the pup.

Jones was shocked when he got the news, and Bill's family became even more suspicious when they noticed him walking and running normally whenever he was away from his dad.

Jones realized that the dog had been copying him — most likely out of concern. “Cost me £300 in vet fees and X-rays,” Jones wrote on a Lurcher Facebook group. “Nothing wrong just sympathy. Love him.”

You can watch the adorable video here:

While Bill’s fake limp might have cost the family quite a lot in vet fees, the dog’s Oscar-worthy performance still cracks them up.

Months later, both Jones and Bill are all better and closer than ever.