Dog Stops Using His Leg In Show Of Solidarity With Owner On Crutches

They're in this together 💪

This is Polo — a super sweet pup with a heart of pure gold. What he most definitely isn’t is just a fair-weather friend.

And it shows.

Steph Najar

The other day, Polo’s owner, Steph Najar, had an accident. She ended up with an injured left foot and, as a result, will have to keep her weight off of it for a while.

It’s a hassle no one would ever take on willingly. But Polo’s not just anyone.

After seeing Najar limping around the house on her crutches, Polo began walking like this:

“My dad was the one who noticed that Polo was limping. I checked his paw and it was fine,” Najar told The Dodo.

Polo, it seems, has decided to forgo the use of his left foot until Najar recovers — an act she's taken as a show of solidarity and sympathy for her current condition.

“He only limps when he follows me,” Najar said. “I was very surprised!”

That’s Polo being Polo.

Steph Najar

Najar has always had a deep connection to Polo (who continues to follow her limping wherever she goes), but his sweet gesture is undeniable proof that he feels the same.

"He's showing me that he has the same immense love that I have for him," Najar said.