Guy On Forest Trail Notices His Dog Suddenly Stop — Then He Hears The Tiniest Meowing

The hero pup led him right to her ❤️

Six months ago, when Chris Garrison rescued his dog, Amaretto, from a local shelter, he had no idea that she’d one day go on to save a life, too.

But recently, Amaretto did just that.

Chris Garrison

The other day, Garrison and Amaretto were out enjoying a day of exercise on a forest trail in Ohio. Garrison was riding his bike, while Amaretto ran happily alongside him.

But then, seemingly at random, the pup stopped cold — her attention suddenly fixed on something off the wooded path. Garrison stopped, too.

“She started paying a lot of attention to the woods to our left,” Garrison told The Dodo. “I got off the bike and heard the meowing.”

After a moment, realizing Garrison heard the sound too, Amaretto bolted into the woods toward the meowing. Garrison followed.

“Amaretto led me to the kitten, who had climbed about 8 feet up into a tree,” Garrison said.

Here’s that moment on video:

How the kitten had gotten there is a mystery. But the spot is so remote, she likely would never have been found if not for Amaretto. Sadly, Garrison suspects that someone had dumped the kitten there, hoping she’d go unnoticed:

“I cradled [the kitten] in my arm. She immediately started purring, which was my first clue that she’d had plenty of human contact before,” Garrison said. “I also didn’t see or hear any other cats around, which lead me to believe that she was abandoned out there.”

But thanks to the alert dog, the kitten was now safe.

Chris Garrison

Garrison, with the kitten in his arms and his pup by his side, trekked back to their car.

There, Amaretto continued to watch over the little life she'd saved. The lonely kitten was alone no longer. And she even got a name: Fuji.

Chris Garrison

Afterward, Garrison took Fuji to the Licking County Humane Society, where it was discovered that she was not microchipped. Staff there welcomed the kitten in with open arms, and put out word that she was available to a loving home.

And before long, thanks to Amaretto's lifesaving actions, the kitten was well on her way to a joyful future.

"Fuji is already pending adoption," Garrison said.

Licking County Humane Society

For Garrison, Amaretto has always been more than just an exercise partner — she's been a faithful friend and a bona fide member of his family. But after seeing her actions that day on the trail, he now considers her something even greater still.

"I’m happy that I have such a smart dog that knew something was different in the woods," Garrison said. "I’m proud of her and think she’s a hero."