Dog Won't Let Fence Stop Him From Meeting His New Neighbor

“They continued to flirt under the fence and pass toys underneath" 😍🐶

Dory is only 8 and a half months old and is still very much a puppy. She loves everyone she meets, and one of her favorite things in the world is getting to play with other dogs. 

“She wants to play with all humans and dogs and gets confused when dogs don’t want to play,” Ross Brickelmaier, Dory’s dad, told The Dodo. 

dogs on a hike
Ross Brickelmaier

Dory’s family recently moved, and the first weekend they were in their new house, they were enjoying their backyard when they suddenly noticed a dog with his head pushed through a hole in the fence. He clearly wanted to say hello, and as soon as Dory noticed him, she was happy to oblige. 

“As soon as Dory realized that head was attached to a dog, she started looking for him every time she went into the backyard,” Brickelmaier said. 

dogs meet through fence
Ross Brickelmaier

Dory and the neighbor dog, who they later learned is named Tasso, became fast friends. It didn’t take long for the pair to decide that just playing through the fence wasn’t as fun as it could be — so Tasso managed to squeeze himself under the fence and invite himself into his new neighbors’ yard. 

dog squeezes under fence
Ross Brickelmaier

The pair were overjoyed that they were finally able to meet, and quickly began playing all over the backyard. It was definitely a real-life meet-cute.

dogs play in backyard
Ross Brickelmaier

Of course, since Dory’s parents hadn’t met Tasso’s parents yet, they didn’t let the impromptu playdate go on for too long and soon escorted Tasso back to his own yard. By that point, Dory and Tasso had already decided they were best friends, and continued to greet each other through the fence every chance they got. 

“They continued to flirt under the fence and pass toys underneath, and Dory learned to stick her head under the fence but realized she was too big to fit all the way underneath,” Brickelmaier said.

dogs play through fence
Ross Brickelmaier

Tasso’s parents actually had no idea that Dory’s parents had been recording their interactions until they randomly saw a video on TikTok — but luckily, they found it hilarious. They’ve all since bonded because of their dogs’ friendship and are becoming fast friends, just like Dory and Tasso. 

“We decided we needed to get the dogs together for an official playdate, so we took Dory over for drinks in their backyard,” Brickelmaier said. “The dogs and the humans had a great time, so we’ll be doing it again soon!” 

Dory and Tasso’s love affair began through a fence, and because of their determination they were able to bring their families together and now get to play all the time. That’s definitely the textbook definition of a happy ending.

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