Dog Just Released From Hospital Is So Excited His Best Friend Came To Pick Him Up

“The moment he realized it was his bud Corey, he started wagging his tail."

When Samantha Zimmer and her fiancé, George Dix, saw a post on Facebook about two stray dogs, one of whom had been hit by a car, they immediately drove out to look for them. Zimmer and Dix volunteer as fosters for Lola's Lucky Day and knew they could help them, and just hoped the dogs would be willing to let them.

They drove around for a while and thought they might be lost — until they spotted the smaller dog, Corey, laying in the middle of the road, waiting for someone to come and help him and his friend, Matthew. Matthew was lying in a ditch, clearly injured and in need of help. Corey stayed nearby for hours, refusing to leave his friend until they were both rescued.

“We secured Corey first and then went to recover Matthew from the ditch,” Zimmer told The Dodo. “The ditch was holding water, so we had to slide him up further on the bank to get him out safely. When we approached him at first, his breathing was pretty normal and he was wagging his tail. We knew that he was grateful that we found him … It was a huge relief when we saw him wag his tail. We knew then that he was a fighter.”

Samantha Zimmer

The couple carefully loaded both dogs into their car and drove straight to the hospital. Matthew had a lot of injuries, but they were hopeful that he would be able to make a full recovery.

After getting the care he needed and spending time healing at the hospital, Matthew was finally ready to head to his foster home and continue his healing journey there. The day they went to pick Matthew up from the hospital, Corey came along too, and the pair were so excited to finally see each other again.

dog released from hospital
Samantha Zimmer

“​Matthew was so excited to see Corey,” Zimmer said. “The moment he realized it was his bud Corey, he started wagging his tail. He wanted to get up and closer to Corey, so he was scooting. We had to get Matthew to sit down and relax. Eventually, they both settled in for a nap for the car ride to Matthew's foster home.”

Samantha Zimmer

Matthew’s recovery is expected to take about four months. Corey has some issues of his own that he needs to recover from, so for now, the dogs are in separate foster homes so that they can get the focused care and attention they need right now. They’re both doing so well and excited to be surrounded by their loving foster families — and the rescue is in the process of approving an adopter who wants to adopt them both.

Matthew and Corey have been through so much, but their rescuers are thrilled that they're both healing and happy, and that before long, they’ll have the best new family to love them forever.