Dog Won't Let Fence Stop Her From Swimming In The Neighbor's Pool

“She is very proud of herself. She can’t understand why we won’t just let her enjoy her swim."

Ruby’s family found her wandering around their neighborhood about a year ago. She wasn’t microchipped, and after doing a massive search for any potential family, they decided to adopt her into theirs. Ever since then, she’s become the wild child of the family, and everyone is always just waiting to see what she’ll do next. 

cute dog
Denise McFarland

Since Ruby has always hated bath time, her family had no idea that she actually loves to swim — until one day back in July, when she snuck next door to use the neighbors' pool. 

“I had let her out to go potty and about 20 minutes later went back to let her back in and she was nowhere to be found,” Denise McFarland, Ruby’s mom, told The Dodo. “My son discovered that she had knocked down a fence board and dug a hole to get into the neighbors’ yard and take herself for a swim.” 

Denise McFarland

Ruby’s family quickly retrieved her and fixed the fence, but it was too late. She had discovered the pool, and there was no turning back. 

After her initial swim, Ruby snuck back over to the neighbors’ pool several times, and unfortunately, they were not amused. Her family always has to keep an extra close eye on her now to try and put a stop to any impromptu swims, and really wishes they had a pool of their own for her to use instead. 

“She needs her own pool,” McFarland said. “I tried to get her a kiddie pool back in July/August but there were shortages because of COVID and I couldn’t find one.” 

dog sneaks into pool
Denise McFarland

Ruby is very aware that she’s not supposed to be breaking into the neighbors’ yard to swim in their pool, but she keeps trying anyway. Every time she gets caught, she has absolutely no remorse. That’s how much she loves to swim.

“She is very proud of herself,” McFarland said. “She can’t understand why we won’t just let her enjoy her swim."

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