Dog Sneaking Away From Home Suddenly Realizes She's Been Caught

Busted 🤣

For this sneaky dog named Sadie, it must have seemed like the perfect crime.

Her owner had stepped out to run an errand, accidentally leaving the backyard gate open in the process. This was Sadie's big chance to go exploring, and her owner would be none the wiser.

Or so she thought.


After exiting through the open gate, Sadie decided to kick off her leash-less journey by barking from the driveway — an invitation, perhaps, for any other sneaky pups in the neighborhood who might want to join her.

What Sadie didn't realize was that a motion-sensing camera was recording the whole thing. And that her owner was watching her from afar.

"I was getting alerts from [my Ring camera] while I was 30 minutes away from home," the dog's owner said. "Sadie had escaped!"

Using the camera's two-way speaker, Sadie's owner called out to her. Here's the moment Sadie realized she was busted:

Fortunately, hearing her owner's voice (even if from beyond) was enough to convince Sadie to change her plans.

"I spoke through my Ring and Sadie actually listened — she went back into the yard until I pulled up," her owner said.

Sure, she may be a little sneaky, but Sadie's still a good girl after all.