Dog Shamelessly Breaks Commandment In Middle Of Church Service

But all has been forgiven 😇

Dog is good — even if he, from time to time, falls a tad short of perfection.

But the congregation at this church in Colombia certainly isn’t about to hold that against this pup.

Parroquia Jesús Obrero de Nazareth de Nobsa

Earlier this month, smack-dab in the middle of a service at Parroquia Jesús Obrero de Nazareth, in the town of Nobsa, an unexpected churchgoer decided to make a rather bold appearance.

It was a random dog who wandered inside and approached the altar. But he wasn’t there to atone. No, he did quite the opposite.

Seeing a loaf of bread, set out as part of the ceremony, the pup decided to steal it.

Here’s that moment on video:

According to a member of the church’s staff, Yomary Andrea Rincón, the dog didn’t appear to belong to anyone in attendance that day. Apparently, he was just a passerby with an appetite.

That said, despite his having broken the commandment against stealing, all has been forgiven.

“There is no hard feelings for the dog. We love animals and recognize them as creatures of God,” Rincón told The Dodo. “God loves all his creatures. The fact that the dog took the bread does not mean he will have any punishment — human or divine.”