Dog Actually Says 'No' When His Mom Tells Him To Come Inside

"He does what he wants to do” 🤷

When a once-in-a-lifetime storm brought snow to a Siberian husky named Malakai’s backyard, the pup couldn’t have been happier. The husky was so excited by the dropping temperatures and fresh powder, in fact, that he refused to come inside.

With his thick double coat keeping him comfortable in freezing temperatures, Malakai didn’t understand why his mom, Melissa Renick, kept insisting he come in for the night.

Husky says no to coming inside

So the 4-year-old dog had no choice but to tell his mom, in a way she’d understand, that he was staying outside. When Renick repeatedly told Malakai to “come inside,” the dog howled “No” and shook his head. 

But his mom wouldn’t give up, demanding he come inside again. In response, Malakai turned his head away and answered: “No.”

You can watch their adorable conversation here:

Malakai’s snow-induced tantrum was no surprise to Renick, who’s used to the pup’s headstrong personality. “He’s a grown-ass dog — he does what he wants to do,” Renick said on TikTok. “He’s a good boy, though.”

While Renick did eventually get Malakai to warm up in the house, the dog now spends most of his time looking sadly out the screen door at the snow.

Lucky for Malakai, he usually gets his way and will have plenty more days to play in the snow.

To learn more about Malakai, you can follow him and his family on TikTok.