Office Dog Lets Mom Know Exactly How He Feels About His New Furry Coworker

"[I] think he’s bothered by the possibility that another dog might do ‘his’ jobs.”

Boba is a service dog, so he goes everywhere with his mom, including work. He loves being the resident office dog and takes his job very seriously. He’s normally the only dog at the office, but recently, another dog named Scout started coming to work with his human, too.

Boba’s mom wasn’t sure how he’d feel about sharing his duties as office dog, especially since his work is so important to him.

dog friends
Tina Lu

“If there’s a job to be done, HE’s going to do it,” Tina Lu, Boba’s mom, told The Dodo. “While unvested (off duty), he’s an equal opportunity assistant, he volunteers his services to all. I’ve seen him nearly push Scout out of the way to return a dropped item to an employee. He couldn’t stop ringing the doggy doorbell himself as I tried to teach Scout to ring it one evening.”

The first time Boba and Scout spent an entire day together seemed to go well. The pair were playing and getting along super well. Lu was happy to see Boba sharing his office with another dog, and figured he was enjoying having a playmate.

She decided to ask him exactly how he felt about having Scout around — but the answer she got wasn’t what she expected.

Scout knows how to answer yes or no questions and has been doing it for a couple of years now. His mom wrote yes and no on two separate sticky notes and placed them on the ground. She first asked Boba if he was a good boy, and he put his paw on the yes sticky note. She then gestured to Scout and asked Boba if he thought Scout was a good boy, too.

This time, Boba answered no.

He hovered near the yes sticky note for a second before deciding on no, but still, his answer was clear. Everyone watching couldn’t stop laughing at Boba’s brutal honesty. She then asked Boba if he liked having Scout at the warehouse where he worked, and he answered no. Finally, she asked him if he wanted Scout to go home, and he said yes.

Apparently, Boba wasn’t super jazzed about sharing his space despite how much he and Scout had played together, and no one expected his answers.

dog friends
Tina Lu

“We were so surprised,” Lu said. “In the video, you can hear us laughing in the background after Boba answers. They had been playing together for four to five hours when I first asked Boba about Scout. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t want Scout there! They looked like they’d been having such a good time. I really thought that Boba was just overexcited and maybe didn’t understand what I was asking. But when I repeated the questions again 20 minutes later, he gave me the same answers!”

Of course, Scout is actually a very good boy who’s just like a big teddy bear, which makes Boba’s answers even funnier.

Despite his answers, Lu suspects that Boba actually does enjoy Scout’s company. He’s just a little protective over his office work and wants to make sure everyone knows that he’s the dog in charge.

“I believe he really does enjoy having a playmate,” Lu said. “As silly as it sounds, though, I also think he’s bothered by the possibility that another dog might do ‘his’ jobs.”

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