Dog Decides To Turn In Criminal Housemates And Leads Police To Evidence

He knew something they didn't 😱

Police conducting a raid on the home of suspected drug traffickers in Brazil got some unexpected help when it came to uncovering some crucial evidence.

Turns out, a little dog who lived there knew something that they didn't.


Footage shared by the Mato Gross Federal Police shows the moment a dog who was housemates with the suspects began pawing at a spot in the ground outside.

This apparently aroused the curiosity of the cops, who decided to look deeper. And sure enough, as Globo News reports, there the police found a hidden package of drug tablets.

Here’s that moment on video:

In addition to the drugs, police also found weapons and large amount of cash. Three people were arrested. But, by helping uncover evidence, their furry housemate seems to have endeared himself to authorities. They decided to take care of him.

It's unclear if there's currently a job opening on the force for a new drug-detection dog. But if there is, this little guy's a shoo-in.