Dog Rescued From Shipping Container Has Been Hiding A Sweet Surprise

She survived for more than just herself.

Last week, a crew from the U.S. Coast Guard was performing routine inspections on shipping containers at a port in Texas when they detected unusual noises — the sounds of scratching and barking emanating from within one of the sealed containers.

Opening it, the crew discovered a dog. She was thin and scared but, incredibly, still alive.

The Coast Guard crew named the pup Connie the Shipping Container Dog — giving her food and water. It is believed that the dog had been trapped in the container for at least eight days, though the specifics of how she became trapped there still aren’t known for certain.

Later on, Connie was placed under the care of a local animal shelter.

U.S. Coast Guard Heartland

From there, Connie the Shipping Container Dog was then taken in by Forever Changed Animal Rescue, a Washington D.C. area nonprofit founded by veterinarian Andrea Deoudes.

Volunteers from Pilots N Paws flew Connie to her new home on a private plane.

Forever Changed Animal Rescue

Though Connie had proven to be a survivor by persevering through the many days she’d spent trapped inside the container, she was found to be facing additional challenges. She was diagnosed as heartworm positive, a condition requiring ongoing treatment.

But there was another surprise, one far sweeter — Connie is going to be a mom.

Forever Changed Animal Rescue

Turns out, Connie had been thinking of more than just herself as she clung to life inside the shipping container. She's pregnant — and now on the road to recovery with her babies in mind, too.

“She’s doing quite well!” Deoudes told The Dodo. “As you can imagine, she’s spent a lot of time lounging and decompressing since she arrived on Tuesday night. She’s loving the regular meals and constant access to plenty of water!”

Forever Changed Animal Rescue

Connie was malnourished following her ordeal but is expected to make a full recovery. Due to that hardship, however, her pregnancy is considered a risky one. But it won’t be something she’ll have to face alone.

“We’re working on putting some weight on her as she’s extremely underweight, especially given that she’s pregnant,” Deoudes said. “She is currently with me, and the plan is to have her stay here [for the duration of her pregnancy].”

Andrea Deoudes

With any luck, Connie the Shipping Container Dog will continue to regain her strength, and in time, deliver a litter of healthy babies. In the meantime, Deoudes encourages people who have been touched by Connie's story to consider opening their homes to other needy dogs like her.

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