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Dog Absolutely Refuses To Walk Down 'Invisible' Stairs

Too scary 😱😂

Luna is 6 months old and a very carefree puppy. Like most puppies, she has very few worries in life — except when it comes to “invisible” stairs. 

Luna had never had a problem going up and down stairs, so her mom didn’t think anything of it when she took the puppy to her boyfriend’s place for the first time. As soon as Luna saw the glass stairs, though, she immediately decided that was where she drew the line.

She couldn’t see the stairs; therefore she wasn’t walking on them. Case closed. 

“We first realized the glass stairs at my boyfriend's house were an issue when she refused to walk on them,” Emily, Luna’s mom (who asked that her last name not be included), told The Dodo. “Luckily she doesn’t mind being carried at all, so she loved the extra cuddles. Unfortunately, though, I think we made her realize that she can be carried down every time.”

Luna is definitely scared of the glass stairs — but she also really loves being carried. So, chances are, she’s not really trying to get over her fear. She’d rather just accept the free ride. 

cute dog
Luna's Family

Luna’s fear of invisible stairs definitely helped her discover her love of being carried. Most people assume she wouldn’t love being carried since she’s such a big, fluffy pup, and can’t help but laugh when they see her being carried up and down the scary stairs. 

“People find it so cute that she doesn’t want to go on them. Also because she is so calm when you carry her, they are surprised that she likes it so much and that she stays so still,” Emily said. 

cute dog
Luna's Family

Luna is a very happy puppy and has very few fears in life, but the glass stairs will always be at the top of her dislikes list — especially as long as her parents keep carrying her. Very sneaky, Luna!

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