Dog Refuses To Leave Toy's Side While Mom Performs Emergency 'Surgery'

Such a patient girl 💞

This is Jamaica — a sweet pit bull who has a soft spot for soft things. But there’s one item in particular that reigns supreme in the happy pup’s heart.

Her bright pink octopus chew toy.

But all the attention Jamaica gives the toy hasn’t come without some consequences.

Ana María Peñas del Águila

“She loves everything that is soft and squishy,” Ana María Peñas del Águila, who rescued Jamaica as a puppy, told The Dodo. “A few months ago, my mother gave her the octopus and she loved it!”

Since then, the octopus has rarely left Jamaica’s side.

Or her mouth.

Ana María Peñas del Águila

It wasn’t long before Jamaica’s octopus began showing signs of wear. But then one day, things got to a breaking point.

The tentacled toy finally ripped open.

Jamaica was devastated — but thankfully, not for long. Ana’s mom stepped in to perform emergency surgery on the injured toy. And the worried pup never left its side.

This hasn’t been a one-time thing. Attention from Jamaica has continued to take its toll on the toy.

“Her octopus has needed surgery, like, three or four times!” Ana said. “Each time, Jamaica waits patiently until it's sewn. When she gets the toy back, she is very happy.”

The day may come when Jamaica's octopus has become ripped beyond repair and needs to be replaced with another toy — but until then, thanks to those surgeries, their good times together will continue.

Her family wouldn't have it any other way.

"I love her," Ana said. "She is a very, very good dog."