Dog Insists On Taking Beloved Bag Of Bread On His Walks

"[He] didn’t even drop it to go potty — I was laughing the entire way.”

Ever since he was a puppy, Nikolai has always loved carrying things around in his mouth. Whether it’s one of his toys or something his mom needs, it makes him feel safe and useful, and it’s also pretty darn cute.

“When he was about 10 weeks old, [he] started bringing items to me he realized I wanted or needed to leave with,” Allie Rudman, Nikolai’s mom, told The Dodo. “It started with my shoes and the car keys and morphed into other items from there.”

dog and his keys
Alexandra Rudman

Now, Nikolai always has to be carrying something when he goes on his daily walks. Sometimes it’s something any dog would carry, like a stuffed animal — and sometimes it’s something completely random and hilarious.

“It’s different most of the times,” Rudman said. “He took my fry backpack the other day, and today he took a box of Cheerios. The box was empty and I had set it next to the trash to take out later, and he decided that’s his friend for the walk.”

dog and his cheerios
Alexandra Rudman

Recently, Rudman had just gotten home from Target with a whole bunch of things, including a loaf of bread. When she asked Nikolai if he wanted to go for a walk, he got so excited and ran into the kitchen — and came out again carrying the loaf of bread.

“[He] was standing by the door, so I let him take it,” Rudman said. “I assume he wanted to bring it because it’s his favorite treat! He did indeed carry it for the entire walk and didn’t even drop it to go potty — I was laughing the entire way.”

Nikolai has brought some funny things on his walks before, but this one definitely takes the cake. As he trotted around with the bread swinging from his mouth, everyone who saw him couldn’t help but smile, and he definitely brought a lot of joy to the neighborhood that day.

“A group of little kids playing outside saw him walking with the bread and all pointed and laughed at him and thought it was the greatest thing,” Rudman said.

dog and his bread
Alexandra Rudman

Since then, Nikolai has gone on walks carrying mini bagels, rice cakes, and other baked goods, so it seems he's picked a theme lately. 

dog and his mini bagels
Alexandra Rudman

It’s always a fun surprise what Nikolai will choose to bring on his walks, and his family loves seeing how much joy he brings to everyone around him.

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