Loyal Dog Refuses To Sleep While His Mom Pulls An All-Nighter For School

The very best study buddy 😍🎓

A good dog is never off duty — just ask Bonzo.

When the need arises, this faithful pup works nights.

This week, Twitter user Mary_Dopping shared a story proving that point. Bonzo is her sister's dog, and the two are clearly devoted.

As Mary_Dopping wrote, her sister recently went two days without sleep in order to cram for a college assignment. But as unpleasant as that must have been, she didn't have to pull those all-nighters alone.

Seeing his owner forgo sleep, Bonzo did too — just to keep her company.

Surely, no one would have blamed Bonzo had he decided to spend his time dozing. But he stayed up anyway.

This pup takes his role of loyal companion very seriously.

Who's a good boy?

Bonzo. That's who.