Dog Has Absolutely No Idea Who Opened That Bag Of Flour

Such an innocent face 😂

Candy has always been a cautious dog and often takes a while to warm up to people — unless they have food.

“She really just wants her mama but if you have food she’ll come to you,” Michelle Anderson, Candy’s mom, told The Dodo. “A lot of people think that she’s warmed up to them but as soon as there is no food in their hand it’s back to square one.” 

Candy will do anything to get her paws on some food, even if it means causing a bit of trouble in the process. 

dog flour
Michelle Anderson

One day, Anderson was arriving home when she saw Candy and her brother, Spike, waiting in the window. She noticed there was something all over Candy’s face, and immediately wondered what kind of food she’d gotten into this time. 

“I was on the phone talking to my boyfriend and said ‘Oh my God, why is Candy’s face all white,’” Anderson said.

Anderson went into the house and was immediately greeted by Candy’s messy face and a bag of flour that she’d opened and spread everywhere. Candy gave her this look as if she had no idea what had happened — but of course, her flour-covered face gave it all away. 

Michelle Anderson

“There were flour footprints all in the room and down the hall,” Anderson said. “The flour looked like dough built up because she must have gotten thirsty then went back to the flour. There was dough in the water bowl.” 

Anderson knew immediately that it was Candy alone who had destroyed the flour bag, as Spike was pretty clean while Candy definitely was not. Apparently, Spike’s taste is a bit more refined than his sister’s. 

sleeping dogs
Michelle Anderson

“Both dogs will get into bags or coat pockets if they smell food,” Anderson said. “Spike just so happened to not like flour or he would’ve been in it too.”

Anderson decided not to scold Candy since it was her fault for leaving the bag of flour out in the first place — and her flour-covered face was punishment enough.