Dog Keeps Trying To Play Fetch While Mom Is In The Shower

"I think he felt like he had me cornered and that I would have to throw his toy back.”

There are a lot of different sides to Baloo’s personality. He can be incredibly goofy and playful, but he also has a determined, serious side, like when he’s posing for his photographer mom’s photos

“Baloo is a complete nut,” Natalie McAllister, Baloo’s mom, told The Dodo. “He is so silly and weird most of the time, but is an avid competitor when it comes time to work.” 

dog photography
Natalie McAllister

There’s always more to discover when it comes to Baloo, and his mom loves being surprised by what he’ll do next. 

Another one of Baloo’s quirks is that he loves checking in on his mom whenever she’s in the shower

“If Baloo is upstairs with me when I take a shower, he will always poke his head in,” McAllister said. “It started when he could smell the Dove soap open, he has a weird obsession with it, but now it's pretty much all the time.” 

dog photography
Natalie McAllister

Usually Baloo just checks in on his mom and that’s it, but one day, as she showered and he waited, he came up with the best idea. 

He decided to bring his mom one of his toys. 

“His only goal in bringing me the toy was to play fetch, which is one of his favorite games,” McAllister said. “I don't often throw toys for him in the house, because he's crazy, but I think he felt like he had me cornered and that I would have to throw his toy back.” 

Natalie McAllister

And of course, Baloo’s plan worked. Wanting to get the toy out of the shower, McAllister threw it, and kept throwing it every time Baloo would bring it back. Finally, Baloo figured out not only how to play fetch in the house, but also how to entertain himself while he waits for his mom to finish showering. Genius.

Baloo has only initiated a game of shower fetch once so far, but his mom is positive that he’ll do it again very soon.

“Border collies are creatures of habit,” McAllister said.