Dog Out For A Walk By Soccer Stadium Decides To Become A Part Of The Game

"She saw [the ball] and was mesmerized" ⚽

The other day, when Jorge León stepped out to take his dog, Jara, for a walk near their home in Spain, he had no idea the lovable German shepherd would wind up becoming a soccer star.

But sure enough, Jara did just that.

The route that León had chosen for Jara's walk that day had them passing by their local soccer stadium, where a heated match was underway. Finding a spot that allowed them to look in on the action, León and Jara stopped a while to watch the two teams face off.

That's when Jara noticed the object around which the game revolves — the ball.

"She saw it and was mesmerized," León told news outlet Diario de Navarra. But Jara had a mind to do more than just look. And she soon got her chance.

"With 10 minutes remaining [in the game], they opened the door that connects the soccer field with the outside world," León said. "Jara's face lit up and she went inside."

Here's video of what happened next:

In an instant, Jara stormed the field and seized the ball like a seasoned pro. The soccer match had to be put on hold, but the crowd hardly seemed to mind the interruption.

It wasn't long before Jara was lured off the field, and the game resumed with a replacement ball. But by the time she was reunited with her owner, the friendly pup had already secured her place as a soccer legend.

Jara has since been back to the soccer stadium — this time invited — to enjoy more ball time with the players she interrupted. Her sudden appearance during the game that day might have been a surprise to them, but Jara's owner wasn't so shocked.

"At home, she behaves very well because she is trained," León said. "But when we take her out to the park ... her passion is balls."