Dog Obsessed With His Favorite Toy From Puppyhood Gets A Giant Surprise

He couldn't believe his eyes ❤️

Chance, a 5-year-old golden retriever, knows what he likes when it comes to toys.

The spoiled boy has had an eclectic pile of toys to choose from since he was a baby, but he always gravitated toward one stuffie in particular: a tiny Christmas-themed pickle belonging to his cat brother.

“Since he was a puppy, Chance would always so gently try to steal the pickle when the cat wasn’t looking,” Chance’s mom, Shannen Standiford, shared with Newsweek. “When he passed away … the pickles permanently made their way into Chance’s pile of small stuffies.”


When he officially acquired his late brother’s pickle collection, Chance started to bring them everywhere. Chance would often nibble on the pickles with his front teeth as if he were eating corn on the cob — an act which Standiford loving calls “cobbing.”

Other times, the sweet boy would lick the pickles in an attempt to cover them in kisses. And when he wasn’t cobbing or kissing his toy pickles, Chance would gently carry them in his mouth as he went about his day.

You can see him taking in a beautiful Californian sunset with his pickle here:

With his favorite toy in tow, Chance’s days couldn’t get any better. Until recently, when his mom found a giant version of his beloved pickle.

“Chance has carried around this little Christmas pickle since he was a puppy,” Standiford wrote in a TikTok. “Then I spotted this bad boy in Petco. Now he has one big happy pickle family.”

Chance’s eyes widened as soon as he saw the giant pickle. He sunk his teeth into the new toy and happily dragged it over to his cherished collection.

The playful boy was elated and seemingly satisfied with his horde of pickles — until his mom found an even bigger version than before.

Standiford took the extra-giant pickle home, and, as she’d expected, Chance adopted it right away.

“He’s very proud of his growing family,” Standiford wrote in another TikTok.

Since Chance has been known to accidentally destroy his larger stuffed animals, Standiford decided to add a few backup pickles to the mix.

Now, Chance has more stuffed pickles than he knows what to do with. And, even though his collection keeps growing, he still prefers one over the others.

“The pickle family is plentiful, but I think he still has a favorite,” Standiford wrote in a TikTok, in which Chance chooses to play with the tiny pickle over the larger ones.

Chance’s obsession with his stuffed pickles only continues to grow.

And now, thanks to his mom’s keen eye and the internet’s newfound determination to keep his collection growing, the sweet boy will never have to live without them.