Dog Obsessed With Door Stoppers Gets The Best Present Ever

“Once we showed her what it was, she flipped out" 😂

Ever since Farley joined her family in April 2020, she’s been a big ball of energy, and her parents are always waiting to see what kinds of adventures she’ll get into next.

“She's an Australian shepherd, which tends to be a very high-energy breed, but Farley has a great off switch, which we appreciate,” Victoria Stuart, Farley’s mom, told The Dodo. “She totally knows she's the center of our worlds, she's a queen and full of sass and attitude, and we wouldn't have it any other way.”

cute dog

When Farley was a tiny puppy, she discovered a door stopper for the first time and immediately loved how bouncy and fun it was. She had a blast playing with it — and quickly decided to make it her new favorite toy.

dog loves door stoppers

Farley started playing with the door stopper all the time and didn’t take kindly to anyone who tried to direct her attention to other toys. The door stopper will always be her favorite, and no one is going to change her mind about that.

“At one point, she was so enamored with the door stopper that I had to take it away, and her response was hilarious,” Stuart said.

Farley’s parents started posting videos of her playing with the door stopper — which led to the best idea ever.

“Someone commented on that video, saying, ‘You should make a board with a bunch of different door stoppers attached to it,’ and that's where I got the idea for her Christmas present,” Stuart said. “I ran the idea by Todd, and he took it from there. He came up with the idea to make it into a toy bin, found a wooden planter box online to use as the base, drew up the plans, painted and clear-coated it and assembled it with all 25 door stoppers.”

dog and door stoppers

On Christmas morning, Farley’s parents presented her with her very special gift. At first, she didn’t quite get it — but as soon as she did, she was absolutely thrilled.

“Once we showed her what it was, she flipped out,” Stuart said.

Farley loves her new door stopper toy so much and plays with it several times a day. When she’s not playing with it, she still loves sitting next to it while playing with a chew toy or taking a nap. Door stoppers are her favorite thing in the world, and having so many of them all in one place makes Farley so incredibly happy.

Some people might think her obsession with door stoppers is weird, but luckily, her family gets it and was more than happy to make all of Farley’s door stopper dreams come true.

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