Dog Meets A Snowman And Refuses To Leave Without His Arm

“She is a real stick fiend" 😂

Alice the Jackapoo was out for a walk with her parents when they stumbled on the most exciting sight: a field of undisturbed snow. 

Alice’s owners, Charlotte Beard and Sam Grogan, knew the snow would be perfect for building a snowman, so they set to work rolling it down the hill.

Alice was excited about the project — especially the stick that was being used as the snowman’s arm.

“The whole time we were building the snowman she was trying to get up to the branch. She couldn't quite manage it by just jumping,” Beard told The Daily Mail. “But as we made our way to come home, she took a running jump at it and managed to get a grip on the stick.”

Once Alice latched on, she refused to let go. She tugged at the stick, dangling in the air.

However, after five minutes of pulling, the stick was still too far inside the compacted snow for Alice to get out.

This kind of behavior is perfectly normal for Alice when there's a stick involved: “She is a real stick fiend. If she sees someone carrying one, she'll try and take it off them,” Beard said. “You wouldn't think with her size that she would carry a 5kg [11-pound] stick, but she manages it.”

Eventually, Beard had to drag Alice away from the snowman, promising her many sticks in the future.