Dog Refuses To Behave Whenever Her Mom Takes A Family Portrait

“Some call her an actress” 🎬

Hina may be the youngest of her four dog siblings, but she certainly doesn’t follow the pack.

The white Shiba Inu from Hong Kong always lets her personality shine whenever her mom, Yoko Kikuchi, gets the pups together for a family portrait. And when her mom snaps the photo — Hina is always the one to stand out.

Hina the Shiba Inu poses for a photo

Hina and her siblings Sasha, Kikko and Momo have been trained to line up in a row and strike the perfect pose — but Hina always gives the camera a little something extra.

“My husband did all the training,” Kikuchi told The Dodo. “All four girls listen to him and know they have to stay still 'til we say, ‘OK.’”

Shiba Inu dog strikes a funny pose

But, whenever Hina's involved, the result is hilarious.

Dog messes up family portrait

Kikuchi doesn’t mind if Hina “messes up” her perfect picture, because she knows Hina just can’t help it. “She actually doesn’t do funny poses on purpose,” Kikuchi said. “I just catch the moment when she yawns — she yawns a lot during photo shoots — or we let her ‘act’ differently.”

“Some call her an actress,” she added.


Off camera, Hina makes her mark in a different way. "Her nickname is ‘Destroyer,’" Kikuchi said, "as she loves chewing our shoes, cables and headphones." 

But despite Hina's funny faces and chewing, she's known as the most well-behaved of the pack. "She is the most obedient one — no leash needed as she walks with us all the time," Kikuchi said. "She is very shy around humans but loves all dogs, small and big!"


Hina always brightens up her mom's day, and makes her photos better than she could've hoped for.

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