Dog Loves Leaving His Sheep Toy Right In Front Of The Doggy Camera

“It seems like the sheep only appears when he is in a naughty mood" 😂

Just like his namesake, one of Loki’s favorite things in the world is causing mischief.

“He’s very naughty,” Nina Theeuwes, Loki’s mom, told The Dodo. “If he sees some food on the street, he pretends to look the other way and then quickly grabs it. He’s often outsmarting us, like the other day, [when] he ate half my slipper, which he normally doesn’t have any interest in. Or he sneaks his head into the dishwasher to get some food scraps. We’re in the process of training him … but he still has a long way to go!”

naughty dog
Nina Theeuwes

Recently, Loki’s parents left the house and went to a coffee shop around the corner as a practice run of leaving Loki alone. They set up a doggy camera so they could keep an eye on him, and Theeuwes kept checking her phone every few minutes to see how he was doing. Everything seemed to be going OK — until Loki’s mischievous side kicked in.

“I tried to put my phone away a bit longer and longer, then, suddenly, I picked up my phone and saw the sheep plushie,” Theeuwes said.

Loki had placed one of his most loved toys, Miss Sheep, right in front of the camera so his parents couldn’t see him anymore. His parents were shocked, and although they were definitely worried about not being able to see him anymore, they also couldn’t help but laugh.

“I quickly finished my cappuccino and rushed home to check what he was doing,” Theeuwes said. “I also turned the volume of my phone to 100 to still have some idea of what [was] happening at home. Upon arrival, he greeted us wildly wagging his tail at the door as if nothing had happened.”

dog and his lamb toy
Nina Theeuwes

His parents also thought it was funny that he chose the sheep toy. He loves it, but it’s not his all-time favorite one, and it seems he usually brings it out when he’s feeling at his most mischievous.

“It seems like the sheep only appears when he is in a naughty mood,” Theeuwes said.

Loki placed his sheep toy in front of the doggy camera a few times until his parents finally came up with a solution and moved it to the kitchen table instead. Eventually, they plan on getting it mounted to the wall so it’s completely out of Loki’s reach. You just can’t be too careful with the king of mischief around.

Luckily, Loki didn’t do anything too wild while his parents couldn’t see him. Maybe he was just trying to show off his beloved lamb toy — or maybe he was plotting his next scheme. The world may never know.

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