Dog Looks Like She’s About To Sneeze In Every Single Picture Her Mom Takes

“I think Imogene is liquid in a hound form.”

Meet Imogene — a bloodhound with an irrepressible zest for life. But when Imogene’s mom tries to capture her dog’s big, happy smile on camera, things rarely go according to plan.

“She is a goofy critter with a big bark and an even bigger heart,” Lisa Vaughan, Imogene’s mom, told The Dodo. “She hardly ever meets a stranger and loves to give ‘hound hugs,’ as we call them.”

Lisa Vaughan

Imogene is kind and gentle, but the second her mom’s camera comes out, all bets are off.

“Our photo shoots are just fun,” Vaughan said. “[They’re] usually treat motivated, and she gets a bit squirrelly and starts running around.”

Lisa Vaughan

Imogene will let her mom dress her up, but she refuses to sit pretty for her photo shoots. Oftentimes, she’ll move around so much that her mom has to film her instead.

“The best way to get the perfect photo is to video [her] in slow motion and then check frame by frame,” Vaughan said.

Lisa Vaughan

But, Imogene really does do her best to pose — even if every pose looks like she's about to sneeze:

Imogene’s mom has shared her attempts at the perfect pup portrait on social media, often likening her floppy ears and droopy face to a Picasso painting.

“I think Imogene is liquid in a hound form,” Vaughan wrote on Facebook. “A contained fluid state.”

“I might not have a perfect photo, but it definitely will make one laugh,“ she added.

Lisa Vaughan

Vaughan just wants to share some of Imogene's joy with the world, spreading a little of the love she receives from the pup daily. And she knows that at the end of the day, Imogene is perfect just as she is.

“The goofiest, happiest, most huggable hound that I’ve ever met,” Vaughan wrote on Facebook. “I’m lucky that she owns me.”