Dog Left In Abandoned House Begs People Passing By To Take Her With Them

"She was nervous but clearly wanted to be rescued — and then we realized why …"

Left behind at an abandoned house in Mexico, two dogs wandered the property, hoping someone might spot them and offer help.

black dog

One of the dogs was particularly eager to be rescued, so when she saw people who looked like they might lend a hand, she pushed her fears aside and let them scoop her into their arms.

After a trip to the vet, the dog’s rescuers realized why the pup was so eager to be saved — she was pregnant.

veterinarian and dog

With help from The Animal Pad, the dog, later named Mama Wild, was placed in a foster home, where she could build up her strength.

Lauren Botticelli, who helped with Mama Wild’s care, was shocked that the sweet dog had been left alone.

“I felt sadness,” Botticelli told The Dodo. “But ultimately [I felt] really grateful that these puppies wouldn't be born on the street.”

black dog

The Animal Pad made a video documenting Mama Wild’s rescue journey, which you can watch here:

Safe in her foster home, Mama Wild finally relaxed and soon gave birth to two baby girls. Since becoming a mom, Mama Wild has devoted herself to her babies’ care, enjoying every second she has with them.

“Her favorite activities are doting on [the puppies] and being a loving mother,” Botticelli said.

two black puppies
Lauren Botticelli

After about two months with their mother, the puppies will be available for adoption. Mama Wild will be searching for her permanent home, too.

Out of harm's way, with a bright future and a new, loving family to look forward to, Mama Wild will surely never worry about fending for herself again.

To support other animals like Mama Wild, make a donation to The Animal Pad here. Adoption information about Mama Wild and her babies will be available here