Dog Decides He Really Wants To Play With Snowman's Head

His sister wasn't too happy about it 😂

Cub has always been very protective of his human sister and absolutely loves playing with her. When it recently snowed a bunch, both Cub and his sister were very excited to play outside together in it. 

“He loves to be outside and is very athletic (playing ball is his favorite),” Alisa Longnecker, Cub’s mom, told The Dodo. “This was his first real snow, we live in Oklahoma. He loved it.” 

Cub and his sister were playing ball together in the snow when she decided it was time to make a snowman. She decided to use the ball they’d been playing with as the snowman’s head — which left Cub just a tad confused. 

Alisa Longnecker

“When she took the ball to ‘make’ the head, he stood close patiently waiting for her to kick it,” Longnecker said. 

Cub really, really wanted to keep playing ball and didn’t understand why the ball was suddenly a snowman’s head, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. 

When his sister wasn’t looking, Cub leapt up and knocked the ball off of the snowman. His sister wasn’t exactly happy about it, but he tried to make it up to her by playing in the snow and showing her exactly what she was missing when the ball stopped being a ball. 

Alisa Longnecker

“The ball did not make it back to the snowman’s body, but her daddy helped her make another head,” Longnecker said.

In the end, the ball got to stay a ball and Cub’s sister got her completed snowman, so really, everybody won.