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Dog Hides In Pool Whenever He Does Something Naughty

“We’ve gone in after him before and he swims to the deep end" 😂💦

From the moment Blue joined his family, he’s always been a little bit of a troublemaker. He loves doing anything he’s not supposed to be doing, and his parents have come to expect it from him. 

“He’s a loving, mischievous, crazy puppy who is incredibly smart,” Emma Klapper, Blue’s mom, told The Dodo. “He loves to get himself into trouble and test our patience.” 

dog pool
Emma Klapper

Blue always knows when he’s done something naughty and is going to get in trouble for it. He’s incredibly smart and knows the rules — he’s just not keen on following them all the time. Whenever he hears his parents scolding him, he quickly runs in the other direction, and recently he figured out the best place to hide when he’s in trouble. 

Now, whenever Blue hears his mom or dad calling his name in a stern way, he heads outside and jumps into the pool. 

“He first started jumping in the pool when he was in trouble about two months ago when he learned how to swim and knew once he was in the pool we weren’t chasing after him,” Klapper said. 

Blue knows his parents usually won’t want to get wet, so he swims out where they can’t reach him as an adorable act of defiance after he’s done something he shouldn’t have. 

dog pool
Emma Klapper

“He usually stays in until we either leave the pool deck or get distracted with something else,” Klapper said. 

Occasionally, his parents will go in after him — but Blue has found a way to handle that, too. 

“We’ve gone in after him before and he swims to the deep end,” Klapper said.

Even though he doesn’t always follow the rules, Blue’s parents love him so much, and think his habit of jumping into the pool whenever he’s in trouble is pretty adorable. He’s definitely too smart for his own good, but his parents wouldn’t have him any other way.

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