Dog Sees Stranger Has Laid Out A Blanket And Immediately Assumes It's An Invitation

Goose makes friends everywhere she goes 😍🐶

Goose and her sister, Nan, were adopted a year ago, and ever since then, Goose has made it her mission to greet and befriend every single person she sees. 

If she sees a stroller, she needs to go over and (safely) see who’s in it so she can be their friend. If she sees a person just walking around, she immediately wants to run over to get pets and say hello. She’s never met a stranger she hasn’t wanted to befriend and assumes that everyone exists to be loved by her. 

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Amy Solomon

“She truly just loves everyone; it’s the best,” Amy Solomon, Goose’s mom, told The Dodo. “Her sister is more timid around new people, but Goose is like ‘HELLO, I AM GOOSE. IT IS GREAT TO BE YOUR FRIEND.’” 

Sometimes, Goose and her family come across people who aren’t wild about pit bulls. They have a preconceived idea in their heads, but Goose is doing her best to dismantle those stereotypes one person at a time. 

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Amy Solomon

One day, Goose was playing at the park with her family when she spotted a guy lounging on a blanket. For Goose, that could only mean one thing. Clearly, the blanket was laid out especially for her so she would be enticed to come and say hello. 

“If someone has a blanket on the ground at the park or at the beach, Goose believes it’s an open invitation for her,” Solomon said. “So when she saw this one, she made a beeline for it and did her classic, ‘I’m gonna roll around on my back until you pet me so much,’ move.” 

Goose quickly ran over and flopped down onto the blanket, ready to hang out with her new best friend, and the guy she greeted was just as excited to see her as she was to see him. 

Amy Solomon

“He loved it,” Solomon said. “He had a dog of his own who was more concerned with chasing a ball, but Goose will always opt for blanket snuggles.”

At that moment, lying on her back on a blanket in a park with a stranger who just became her new best friend, Goose truly could not have been happier. 

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Amy Solomon

Goose hung out on the blanket with her new friend for quite a while, until her mom finally had to drag her away. It’s her life's mission to meet as many friends as possible — and so far, so good.

“She’s so goofy, so even if people are skeptical about pit bulls, they’re usually disarmed pretty quickly,” Solomon said.

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