Dog Is So Grateful Her Mom Found A Cure For Her Hiccups

"She gave me many kisses of thanks."

Five months ago, Luísa Marun found this little dog named Charlene abandoned outside her home in Brazil. Seeing the pup had no one else to turn to, Marun decided to take Charlene in herself.

“I ended up adopting her,” Marun told The Dodo.

She’d rescued Charlene from the streets. But recently, Marun saved her from one of life's little annoyances as well.

Luísa Marun

The other day, Marun noticed that Charlene had come down with a case of the hiccups. When they failed to go away on their own, Charlene became quite vexed.

“She had been playing when the hiccups suddenly began,” Marun said. “She then laid down on my bed, feeling upset.”

Marun wanted to help, and thought back on how receiving a little startle has sometimes worked in resolving her own hiccups. So, she provided one to Charlene:

Sure enough, that teeny-tiny scare was all that Charlene needed to have her hiccups go away. And she couldn’t have been more grateful.

“She seems to have been happy when she saw that the hiccups had stopped!” Marun said. “She gave me many kisses of thanks.”

Luísa Marun

Typically, hiccups will go away on their own, of course. But seeing Charlene's frustration, Marun thought it best to intervene.

After all, she knows the pup would do the same for her.

"She brightens my days," Marun said. "I'm in love with her and would do anything she wishes."