Dog Is Completely Shocked When He Feels Baby Kick In Mom's Belly For The First Time

What was THAT?! 🥺

Goose was rescued after being found tied to a pole, and now he’s so thankful to have the best family in the whole world. He’s very protective of his family and always wants to make sure they’re safe — especially once he realized his mom was pregnant.

“Ever since I got pregnant he has been a little bit more attached to me,” Megan, Goose’s mom, said in a video on TikTok. “He is constantly laying with me, laying on my belly [and] booping my belly with his nose.”

Goose knew something was going on inside his mom’s belly, but she wasn’t sure if he knew exactly what was happening — until he felt it.

Goose was resting his head on his mom’s belly one day several weeks before she was due when suddenly, he felt his little sister kick for the first time. As Goose realized what was happening, his face said it all. Shock, confusion, love, joy — all the feelings of parent/siblinghood washed over Goose, and his reaction is definitely one of the sweetest things to ever happen.

Until, that is, he finally got to meet his baby sister, Ivy, weeks later.

Goose and his dog sister, Luna, were so thrilled to finally welcome baby Ivy home and meet the little human who had been residing in mom’s belly for so long. Their parents know their both going to be the best big brother and sister ever and can’t wait to watch their love for Ivy unfold and grow for years to come.