Dog Is Pretty Shocked By How Her New Haircut Turned Out

"She 100 percent knew this didn’t go the way it normally does.”

Meet Butter — a pup whose chill personality perfectly matches her scruffy 'do. The 6-year-old dog has never been too fussy about her looks, and her wiry coat doesn’t need much to look adorable.

“She is the most chill yet silly dog,” Fernanda Montufar, Butter’s mom, told The Dodo. “She will lay in her bed all day and then randomly get up to show affection when she wants food.”

Scruffy dog before her haircut
Fernanda Montufar

Butter had a rough start to life, so she knows it’s what’s on the inside that counts. “My mom found her litter in a dumpster,” Montufar said. “At the time, we already had two dogs so we were looking to rehome the whole litter, but Butter made us fall in love with her very quickly, so she became a part of our family.”

However, Butter’s patience was recently challenged when her mom decided to give her a haircut at home. Butter was looking a little scruffier than usual, and with the warm weather coming, Montufar decided to skip the groomers and take care of business herself. 

Dog gets a bad haircut
Fernanda Montufar

But the haircut did not turn out the way either of them planned.

“Because of COVID, we’ve really tried to limit our time outside of our home, so taking her to the groomers kinda took a back seat,” Montufar said. “I had cut her hair before so I felt confident doing it again. However, this time was different.”

When Montufar started to trim Butter’s coat, she quickly realized her razor wasn't on the right setting. Montufar knew she’d messed up, but had no choice but to even things out. 

Butter noticed the worried look on her mom’s face and tried her best to be supportive. 

Fernanda Montufar

“She picked up on my concern fairly quickly and kept licking me and continued to stand still to help me finish up,” Montufar said. “Once I finished up, my sweet girl kept trying to show me her grin, but she 100 percent knew this didn’t go the way it normally does!”

Once the cut was done, Butter looked like a completely different dog.

Dog regrets her bad haircut
Fernanda Montufar

Thankfully, once the initial shock wore off, Butter came around to her new hairstyle. “We got her a new outfit, but after an hour she chewed it off,” Montufar said. “She wanted to rock the new hairstyle!”

“She is now very comfortable with her new cut,” she added. "We live in Texas and are getting some hot days, so she’s thankful for the short haircut.”