Dog Pulls Mom To See His New Best Friend Every Day In Hopes That She'll Finally Pet Him

"I don’t think he knew how to react to somebody not petting him" 😂

Atlas is just under a year old, and so far, his favorite thing about life is meeting new people.

“Atlas is the most sociable little pup, loves new people and new friends, and always tries to get a cheeky pet by booping their hands and sitting politely in front of them,” Erin Lundy, Atlas’ mom, told The Dodo.

For Atlas, there are no strangers, only friends he hasn’t met yet, and this is the philosophy he takes with him everywhere he goes.

One day, Atlas was out for a walk in the neighborhood with his mom. She noticed that one of the neighbors had put up a bunch of fun Halloween decorations. Atlas noticed too — but for him, one of the decorations wasn’t a decoration at all. It was an opportunity to make another new friend.

Erin Lundy

Atlas quickly made his way over to the spooky witch decoration, sat down in front of her and waited for pets. He tried booping her hands and sitting in plain view of her, but nothing happened. Poor Atlas was so patient, but sadly, his new witch friend refused to cooperate.

“I laughed pretty hard when I saw him trying to get pets from a Halloween decoration,” Lundy said. “It was endearing to see him so eager to make a friend. I don’t think he knew how to react to somebody not petting him either.”

Atlas left that day without getting pets from the witch — however, he refused to give up. He officially made it his mission to get the witch to notice him.

Erin Lundy

“He wants to visit with her every day,” Lundy said.

Now, every time Atlas is out on a walk, he stops by to see his witch friend. She hasn’t pet him yet, but that hasn’t gotten Atlas down. He remains determined and hopeful that, eventually, she’ll come to life and give him the pets he so rightfully deserves.

You can follow Atlas on TikTok.