Dog Is Absolutely Not Impressed With Anyone At Doggy Day Care

“This pup is a whole mood.”

If you stop into West Street in downtown Raleigh, you’ll notice a dog unlike any of the others.

The off-leash dog bar/doggy day care is usually full of frolicking pups playing together — but Pogo is having none of it.


The 4-year-old American bulldog-boxer mix prefers to stay out of the fray, sitting on a barstool like a human. From her perch, Pogo can observe and judge her fellow dogs.

And she is not impressed.

Dog sits on barstool looking unimpressed

This week, a video of Pogo in action went viral, and people have all kinds of theories for why Pogo refuses to hang out with the other dogs. Some assume she’s an introvert, while others guess that maybe she’s just not a dog person. But whatever the reason, according to the poster of the video: “This pup is a whole mood.”

Pogo’s mom, Grace Wheeler, works at West Street and brings the rescue pup into work with her every day. She has her own opinions when it comes to Pogo’s hauty attitude.

“When she gets up on the chairs, we think that’s her way of trying to let the other dogs know that she thinks she’s better than them,” Wheeler told The Dodo. “I’ve worked in a few kennels, and she has always jumped up on the stools or anything that’s meant for a human. She is our little judgmental queen!”


But Pogo doesn’t just sit like a human — she’s adopted plenty of other uncanny human mannerisms.

“She loves snuggling in the bed like a human, sitting on top of things (chairs, the bar, benches, sometimes people),” Wheeler said. “She likes riding in the car and will hang her elbow out the window like a human (which seems to be a theme with her). She loves people more than dogs.”


Pogo’s unique attitude earns her plenty of attention at the dog bar, which she happily soaks up. “She has lots of fans,” Wheeler said. “We post her on the West Street’s Instagram, and people come looking for her all the time.”


While Pogo might not be interested in playing with the other dogs, her mom loves her for the unique pup she is. “She has brought nothing but love and joy to us and everyone she interacts with,” Wheeler said.

And Pogo will follow her mom anywhere — as long as there's a barstool to keep her away from the riffraff.

To learn more about Pogo, you can follow her on Instagram and TikTok.